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In current times when modernization is rapidly taking over the ‘Sussegad’ lifestyles of Goans and every moment is fast paced, we bring to you a space of your beloved Goa in the yester years.


Not just the wooden antiquities, or the gloriously melodious ‘kaantara’, but the distinguished charm that draws you into taking time off for yourself and pampering your taste buds with authentic Goan cuisine.

When you park at our doorstep, the beautifully lit up structure will welcome you to write a story of your own for the time that you allow us to host you.
A tantalizing aroma awaits your presence, inviting you to your own little abode with a magnificent riverside view along the serenity of Reis Magos.

Goan cuisines

Imagine… Clam cutlets, stuffed mackerels, fried silver belly, fish curry. Now imagine again Tisryanchein daangar, nharille bangde, tallilyo verlyo, udhamethi!

Wheat Spices Bread

Guest Reviews

“Consistenly great food and service”

So why just 4 stars and not five...I'll get there....read on... This place ain't cheap; it certainly isn't expensive either. The food is authentic and delicious. They will customize it according to your palate's tolerance for spice! Suffice it to say I've been here 3 times in the last week! Close to the place I'm staying at and consistently great!...

Conradstx, Pennsylvania

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